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Laurence Jones Band CD Album Sold Out

Laurence Jones Band Black Vinyl £18.00

Laurence Jones Band Coloured Vinyl (Signed) £20.00

Laurence Jones Band Limited Edition T-Shirt £20.00

Laurence Jones Band Download £8.00

Ltd Edition Signed and Numbered A2 Poster £15.00

Laurence Jones Band CD Album (Signed) £12.00

White Mug £10.00

I'm waiting T-Shirt £20.00

A5 Signed Print Sold Out

Ltd Edition Collectors Badge Set £2.99

Thunder In The Sky Black T-Shirt £20.00

Live It Up Black T-Shirt £20.00

Orange Logo T-Shirt £20.00

White Logo T-Shirt £20.00

Black Logo T-Shirt £20.00

Deluxe Bundle - Signed White Vinyl - Signed CD - Signed Photo Of Laurence £30.00

The Truth Deluxe White Vinyl (Signed, Ltd Edition) £20.00

The Truth CD Album (Signed) £12.00

The Truth Limited Edition T-Shirt £20.00

Limited Edition A2 Poster Signed & Numbered £10.00

The Truth Album Download £8.00